Monday, July 13, 2015

Flattening stock

If you have ever had problems with lumps and hollows when you are trying to flatten your stock, try tilting the tool to a 45 degree angle to the stock and make a few passes and then rotate it 45 degrees the opposite direction and repeat. This problem is more prevalent with smaller based tools such as spokeshaves and travishers working on curved surfaces. Small hollows will form that the tool rides in and creates lumps and an uneven surface. By alternating the tool you create a wider base which will plane out these lumps and help smooth out your work be it a flat piece of stock or a curved chair leg. This works well with all tools that have a small footprint, but can be employed when planing flat stock as well. Cabinet scrapers in particular benefit from this practice. By coming at it from a different angle you can get a very even smooth flow to the work.

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