Wednesday, August 12, 2015

tool box

I have always had the luxury of working solely in my shop and have not needed to take any tools out to woodwork elsewhere. Recently I had the opportunity to take a class from Gary Rogowski in Portland, Oregon. I needed to bring some tools with me for the class and rather than throw them in a backpack I decided to make myself a toolbox.
 It has four trays for tools that can be removed, two on the top and two that slide out from either side.
 The handle pivots to lock the lower two in place so as not to fly out during transport.

 The upper tray can hold up to three Stanley #5s so there is lots of room for goodies.
 The upper trays nest in above and then some straps attached to the sides hold a saw bag in place.
It has served me well and I continue to use it in the shop until my tool cabinet is done later this next year. Stay tuned for that build.

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