Friday, December 4, 2015

The Big Build

The Big Build has begun and the saw till is nearly complete. I have a little more work to do carving the face frame by hand, but I wanted to wait until I had the tool cabinet done as well.

I built the case for the till and turned a rope design in the dowel.

I made a simple face frame, then took away it's simpleness.

To remove a bulk of the wood for carving I used a grinder.

Then I added a drawer for files and sets.

The saw till nearly done I turned to the tool cabinet.

Both pieces are all hand dovetailed.

When I had the case about done I cut a piece of plywood the size the door panel would be and laid out the tools I wanted in it to see what would fit. I took pictures, then set planes on the shelve of the cabinet and took a picture. I then laid the cabinet down on it's back and took a picture with tools laying on the back panel. When I was all done I used photoshop to see what it might look like.

Looks like it will work well. Can't wait to see the tree design in the doors.


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